Cloister of Monfero:
It origin goes beyond X century. Being there the first impressive thing is the frontage, original baroque, with checkered shale embedded in granite, as well as its only tower. Four columns, two pilasters with capitals of corinto type and two hornacinos. Among the columns with female figures, they form a presentation that the visitor will delay in assimilate. The main ship of 65 mts. and the cruiser give rise to a great octogonal dome. To the back the figure of Virxe da Cela and in the interior they emphasize the tombs of the Andrade, owners of these lands in those centuries.

Cloister of Caaveiro:
It is found in the edges of the canion of Eume. Along the history from principles of the century XII, Caaveiro plays important roles with it vassals. Very visited, therefore constitutes one of the main gates of entrance to the nature reserve Fragas gave Eume.

The village of Pontedeume:
Currently is the capital of the Council of Pontedeume, counts on some 10,000 inhabitants. It is situated in the left margin of the river Eume mouth. The tourism constitutes today one of its main sources of income, thanks to its proximity to the beaches, to the nature reserve Fragas do Eume, as all the monuments of its historic places. It is a good place to enjoy the gastronomy of the area! Also many roman remains have appeared (anphoras, coins, gravestones, etc). The documented history dates from 1270, when Alfonso X the wise grants the neighbours from the region the permission for building a city with autonomous government. Among its monuments fits to emphasize the medieval bridge on the river Eume, the tower of the Andrade, the church of Santiago and many others.

Tower of Andrade:
Old tower of the homage situated in the center of the village of Pontedeume, belonging to the old palace built in the second half of the 14th century (between the years 1369 and 1377) by Fernán Pérez of Andrade. The tower of the homage is what is found in better state; magnificent views on the river.

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